My Portfolio

My name is Adin Holland and this is my portfolio website. On this website there will be examples of work I have created in my four years at college on a number of courses including Digital media & design (also named Computer Arts & Design) and Computer Games Development. There is digital artwork, images of some of my projects which include 3D models, animations, games and a collection of photo’s I have taken. There will also be videos of the animations I have made, a 3D walkthrough of a museum I created and gameplay of my game that I made, Break Out. Alongside this work I will write about my work, how it was made and what the reasoning behind some of my choices, as well as evaluating what I have done well and how I can improve. There will also be some information about myself, I will mention what my skills are,  what I hope to achieve and why I am interested in the industry I am attempting to break into. I will also include a copy of my CV. I hope you enjoy.